Tips on Relocation to Spain

If you have taken advantage of selling in the in the UK to move to a foreign country, you may find it is ten times more stressful than simply moving to a new house in familiar territory. This is because it marks a huge change in your life even if you have made a personal decision to move to a sunnier or more relaxed climate. Alternatively, you may be moving because you have been offered a job and the opportunity is just too good to turn down.

If your job is work-related your employers will not necessarily provide you with accommodation, so you must find it yourself. If you are unfamiliar with the place you are moving to it is best to rent a property for six months rather than rushing into buying somewhere. This is a good idea for two reasons, one it will give you a chance to really get to know the area and two if the job does not turn out as you expected you will not be left with a property to re-market or have to pay for until you are able to find another job.

If you are relocating to Spain and considering a property purchase you will find the paperwork is very similar to that in the U.K. as Spain is a member of the European Economic Community. At one time buying or renting a property in Spain involved a lot of red tape so it took a long time to close a deal but with the new online technology the process is now much quicker.

Once you have found somewhere the first thing you have to do is register as a Spanish resident which means you can use the health service but you are also liable to pay tax there. To do this you have to go personally to the town hall that serves your area followed by a visit to the Oficina de Extranjeria or local police station. You can find all the details of what you need to take with you on the website www.interior-28/cuidadanos-de-la-union-europea-718.If it is the first time you have looked at property to rent or buy in Spain you should find the nearest Gestoria. This is an official establishment which will help you fill in all the necessary forms for nearly all the stages of the transaction in return for a small charge.

If you decide to purchase a property straight away instead of rent and you need a mortgage from a Spanish bank you should take their recommendations for a good technical surveyor (el perito) and a notary public (el notario). You must have fully qualified, experienced people who speak English rather than use a local builder otherwise you could face serious problems even to the extent of having your mortgage application turned down. However, it is far better to rent first – this will give you time to make sure your chosen location is right for you.

Once you know you are moving to Spain you should start learning the language. Although reputedly one of the simplest languages to master it does take time to become fluent and understand the different accents. You will find the Spaniards are welcoming and friendly and will be only too pleased to help you with any language difficulties, but the Spanish speak words the way they are spelt so the easiest way to perfect your pronunciation and start speaking the language is to learn it phonetically.

When you first move to Spain you may get confused as although Spanish is the official language, some places use their own local language like the Basque region.

Spain has always been a top choice for British citizens to retire to so there are several websites available to help people thinking of moving there. The Spanish Citizens Advice Bureau has a Facebook page offering the latest information on living in the country. They will also give you tips on how to change your driving license or renew your passport as well as answering any queries you may have.

All About Electric Mountain Boards

The wide range of boards excites skate riders. Different versions of electric mountain boards with various features and typical applications are fully customizable and use the highest quality material for all parts. They are built for long and high-speed rides and are suitable for jumps and track racing. 


  • Mountain boards have durable tubes that ensure safety from knocks and bumps that come up naturally while riding.
  • They offer the most powerful motors which make them fly off the lines or hills and suitable for all types of terrain.
  • They feature a specially designed channel for running the power cables.
  • The boards offer plenty of variety of deck, trucks, wheels, motors and battery boxes. 
  • It allows users to choose and optimize different speed and control.
  • Many skateboards come with absorption and suspension features.

Types Of electric mountainboards

  • Pro-belt drive skateboards

These boards are liked by most as they offer high-speed ranges for longer and high-speed rides.

  • Spur gear drive boards

It is designed to perform like a superbike, offering top acceleration and overall high speed. These boards are perfect for track racing and jump.

  • Urban belt drive skateboards

They are customized boards with infinite possible applications for their users.

 After purchase care

  • Servicing your board is vital for keeping it running smoothly as well as for your safety when riding.
  • Clean your skateboards after every ride. Clean them with a soft cloth and prevent them from dirt and water.
  • Maintain your skates regularly as this increases the quality and lifespan of the parts.
  • Wipe out the boards with a dry cloth.
  • Keep regular maintenance of bearings—oil all parts of boards frequently.
  • It is essential to charge the battery at least once a month.
  • Make sure that no water gets into the engines while cleaning the wheels or motors.

FAQs related to mountainboards

How long do electric boards last?

If appropriately maintained the boards’ life is almost equal to any other international standard cycle life. If you use the skates daily, then the average battery life is up to 3 years.

Can these skates help in climbing?

Yes, electric skateboards can go uphill. These boards save battery by pushing the board during the downhill. 

Are these boards waterproof?

They may not be waterproof, but all models come with water resistance power. 

How easy is it to ride on skateboards?

It is easy to ride on skateboards. They offer many options with which speed can be adjusted. They are many tips available online regarding how to ride boards. Riding these boards can be relaxing and fun.

Are they costly?

Its prices vary enormously. They are available at fewer prices and also at high prices. Select the board according to the purpose. The costlier boards can cost to be a valuable investment if the rider wants to use it for a longer time.

Are all longboards are the same?

No, all longboards are not electric boards. Depending on the purpose you can opt for various boards like skateboards, longboards, electronic boards, all-terrain boards, or mountainboards.

Sell your house without any risk and fast approach real estate agent or property buying firm

From that home selling agent is one from that because we travel one place to another place for many reasons like job. From that time we can sell our house very quick and shift out house. If you can individually sell your house, it takes long time and it’s very risky. If you want thefastest way to sell a house, many agents available from that real estate agent and property buying company is the best one. If you sell individual it takes many disadvantages like you cannot know the property value and long time to take sell your property. Search the site and put an ad, then you call from that end. Then you show your property, but know one buy your house and feel it’s very stressful. The other one is, if your house is outer area from the centre if the city, it takes long time to sell.

A Real estate agent helps s to sell your house very quickly

The real estate industry is one of the growing industries now-a-days. They help to sell your house with high profit. They have all the data bases of the property and property owners contact details. So they sell your property very quick without any risk. They follow all the process like document, take photos and arrange marketing for your property, so it will reach soon. The main advantage approaches the real estate agent is very low time consuming. The real estate agent is acting as a middle man between you and the buyer. You can pay some commission to the real estate agent according to your property value.

Property buying company

The property buying firm is the one of the way fastest way to sell a house. When comparing with a real estate agent, this is so fast and directly sells your house to the firm. You cannot take risks like repairing houses. Whatever your house condition they will take care of it. They will calculate the property value and pay the cash directly. You cannot teapot the house so you feel stress free. Just contact the property buying company and make the deal. If their deal ok for you, they will give the cash instant. The main advantage is there was no mediator like the real estate. So you can avoid the commission and you receive trust payment for your property.